Willuck Tactical 8-in-1 Pen with “Love Dad” Engraving

It has a bottle opener, fire starter, emergency whistle, premium glass breaking head, compass, and oh yeah ….. it’s also a great writing ballpoint pen. Put this on your “must have” give and get list.

Here are the 8 features of this unique pen, perfect for the guys on your list, or as a gift from dad to others.

Tactical pen features

It’s a pen!

It’s a glass breaker.

It’s a multi-tool with 4 different features… so it’s really a bottle opener pen, a wrench pen, a screwdriver pen, and a saw pen.

It’s designed to give confidence in an emergency. You never know when you’re going to need to make a fire, am I right?

Features of Tactical 8-1 pen

And, it’s an emergency whistle pen, a compass pen…


features of the tactical 8 in 1 pen

And that inscription… Love Dad.  It could help you show your love for your dad OR could be a great gift for a Dad to give his kids.  Either way, this handy tool is a perfect gift, any time of year.


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