Lightning Reaction Reloaded – Shocking Game

Not only is this a real game for game night … but it has over 4 THOUSAND reviews. You’re welcome.

OBJECTIVE: To have the quickest draw and best timing of your opponents. Lightning Reaction Reloaded guarantees hours of fun and laughs as you and your friends get zapped.

young women playing Lighting Reaction Reloaded game

You can just imagine how much fun this party game would be at your next GNO.

It sits securely on the table and will easily fit in your game closet/drawer.

Lightning Reaction Reload suction cup base

Lightning Reaction Reload dimensions

Lightning Reaction Reloaded has a variable shock control – Low, Medium and High. How much electric shock can you take…very little or electrifying.

2 game modes of Lightning Reaction

This shocking game is recommended for people 14 years and up.


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