BOMENNE Build-on Brick Mug

This fun mug can help relieve stress, depression and anxiety for adults. It can enhance beverage drinking experiences and is an ideal gift for everyone. This PUZZLE CUP could potentially improve your productivity and quickly become the talking point of any office! Productivity NOT included ….

Lego-like cup


It’s made of food-grade plastic and is BPA free, so it’s fun and safe.  And, each cup comes with 3 packs of bricks which can be put together.

father and child playing with plastic bricks cup

The cup and pieces are compatible with LEGO brand and most other building bricks that have been kicking around your house and the inside of your vacuum cleaner five-ever… Yippee, put those pieces to work!

This fun puzzle cup makes a great gift for adults or children old enough to work with small pieces (over 3 years). It would also make a really fun birthday party decoration or kid’s party favor.

dimensions of brick puzzle cup

It could also make a rather fun adult beverage cup… consider the possibilities!

father and child playing with plastic bricks cup

Yup, another cool thing you can’t live without!



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