Intelligent Design Edelia Foldable Poly Chenille Lounge Floor Pillow

It’s my favorite mediation pillow … why? ‘Cuz it’s 2020 – 2021 Buttercup!!!!

See how comfy this floor lounge pillow is?

floor lounge pillow full view

Use it for meditation, yoga, TV watching… It’s tufted so this floor lounge pillow is not only soft and comfortable, it’s great looking too!

Tufted Poly Chenille Lounge Floor Pillow

The chenille fabric is really soft!  Who wouldn’t wan’t relax on this floor pillow cushion?

Floor lounge pillow - polly, tufted

And, in no time at all, you can roll the chenille floor lounge pillow and store it or carry it to your meditation class, sleep over, or movie night.

Portable floor lounge pillow, poly filled floor lounge pillow with handle close up

It’s available in 2 colors, so take your pick!

Tufted Poly Chenille Lounge Floor Pillow Rolled up



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