HENMI Avocado Tree Growing Kit

Stop throwing away those avocado seeds! Grow your own tree easily with this little gadget! Are you watching my TikTok’s and Insta’s on how my tree is doing? NO?!!? Better scoot over there Buttercup – see what’s going on with mine!

Growing an avocado tree with the Avocado Tree Growing Kit is soooo simple!  All it requires is the kit, a container, an avocado pit (aka seed), water, and patience.

Forget the old fashioned way of trying to stick toothpicks into the avocado pit… there’s a much easier way to grow an avocado tree at home.

Avocado Tree Growing Kit how it works

The Avocado Tree Growing Kit fits into a variety of containers.


Avocado Tree Growing Kit with Dimensions

Find one that looks great with your decor and it makes a beautiful statement during germination!

Family growing an avocado tree with the Avocado Tree Growing Kit

Growing an avocado tree at home is a great family project.  You can see how seeds germinate and exactly what happens as roots grow and the plant thrives. Once roots are established you can remove the tree from the kit and plant it in soil, either inside or out.  See how easy the Avocado Tree Growing Kit makes it?


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